from by Emily Rose

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When you were born you were given a number
And a big fat lie
When you were up you were given a downer
When you were down you were told not to cry
Can't you see
They made you sick
So you would buy their medicine
Believe me, they'll keep you sick
Till they suck you dry

When you came down with imagination
You were gassed with the masses and handed a magazine
Cause this is what a woman should look like
A tiny tinkerbell jumping on a trampoline
And this is how much a man should pay
His heartbeat, to keep his enemies away
And this is how much a man will never earn
Enough to cover up the world's concerns
You're living in a well decorated mousetrap

Your living room is a prison cell
In which the waves from your t.v. keep you alive
the ant farm can't seem to kill themselves
at least somebody here plans to survive

Can't you see if you don't do anything, nobody will
And then the world will simply stop turning
Cause it's love that makes it spin
Not a fucking dollar bill

You're living in a well
You're living in a well
You're living in a well decorated mousetrap


from Porchlight Tragical, released September 17, 2011



all rights reserved


Emily Rose Detroit, Michigan

mother of rabbits
Thirty Men

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